Away from the hassle and bustle of urban life, tucked away in the quietness of the mountains that form part of the Akwapim-Togo ranges is nestled under the foot of Afadzato, the highest mountain in Ghana, the beautiful touristic village of Liati Wote. Wote is a haven for a getaway any time all year round. Hike up the mountains, take a nature walk, immerse yourself in an authentic African village life or just relaxing at a serene waterfall to enjoy the peace of nature. The warm and friendly people of Liati Wote would make your visit a memorable one. Woezor! You are welcome!

Brief History of Liati Wote

Liati Wote is one of the nine towns that constitute the Liati Traditional Area. The ancestors of present day Liati Wote were part of the Ewes who migrated from Notsie due to the tyranny of their King Agorkorli. They first settled in the Akwapim-Togo

The meaning of Afadjato

The name Afadjato is the corrupted form of “Aʋadzato”, a noun from a whole sentence meaning the mountain which you go to war with the bush to climb. The forest parts of the mountain are covered with a certain plant, called “edza” in Ewe language, which

The meaning of Tagbo

There are several variants of the story about how river Tagbo got its name depending on whom you talk to. When the people came to settle in Wote, they had strange experiences in connection to their main source of water. The villagers therefore consulted an oracle

The Afadjato-Tagbo Ecotourism Centre

The people of Liati Wote, led by the chief Togbe Kodadza V, started a community-based ecotourism project in the 1980s. This was aimed at protecting the environment and conserving our natural resources,

Tourist Attractions

In Liati Wote: (These highlights could be hidden and pop up with the curser hovering over tourist attractions. Detailed information provided after an introduction)

– Hiking tour to Mount Afadjato (highest mountain of Ghana)
– Hiking tour to the Twin Mountains
– Hiking tour to the Tagbo Falls
– Cultural Tour of the village
– Palm Wine tapping and local gin distilling
– Farm Tours
– Traditional drumming and dancing

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The Afadzato-Tagbo Falls festival (last Saturday in October)

The peak season starts from March (6th March is always a busy day) through to July and then from October to December. The low season of August and September is mainly due to the heavy rains during this time of the year. Also, there are no public holidays during this time. There are few visitors between January and February.  However, visitors have lots of activities to occupy themselves with the year round either to conquer the highest mountain in Ghana and other interesting peaks or to relax at the refreshing and beautiful Tagbo Falls. Lovers of culture will love their stay to experience the rich culture and hospitality of the people of Liati Wote.

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Home of Afadjato & Tagbo Falls

Historical background of the people of Liati Wote

Away from the bustle and hassle of urban life nestled under the foot of Afadjato, the highest mountain in Ghana, is found the beautiful touristic village of Liati Wote. It is located in the Afadzato South District in the Volta Region of Ghana. It is about 18km South-east of Hohoe the nearest commercial town. Until the creation of the Afadzato South District in 2012, Liati Wote has been part of the Hohoe District. The citizens of Liati Wote fondly refer to their village as “The White City” because of the white sand all over the village; but this was before the red laterite was spread over a long stretch in the construction of a feeder road to link with the other villages. And this was before the people were forced to start keeping green grasses to protect their houses from being destroyed due to the excessive erosion caused by rain over the years.


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