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Away from the hassle and bustle of urban life, tucked away in the quietness of the mountains that form part of the Akwapim-Togo ranges is nestled under the foot of Afadjato, the highest mountain in Ghana, the beautiful touristic village of Liati Wote. Wote is a haven for a getaway any time all year round. Hike up the mountains, take a nature walk, immerse yourself in an authentic African village life or just relaxing at a serene waterfall to enjoy the peace of nature. The warm and friendly people of Liati Wote would make your visit a memorable one. Woezor! You are welcome!

The Afadjato Tagbo Ecotourism Center

The people of Liati Wote, led by the chief Togbe Kodadza V, started a community-based ecotourism project in the 1980s. This is aimed at protecting the environment and conserving our natural resources, preserving and promoting our rich cultural heritage and thus ensuring employment and security for future generations. The Liati Wote Afadjato-Tagbo Ecotourism Center is under the direction of a constitution enforced in 2011. It is run by a Board in charge of policy direction, and a Management & Staff unit responsible for the day to day activities.

  1. Description of the agency: An ecotourism village developed through community initiative. We offer adventure hikes to conquer Afadzato, the Twin Mountains and extended chain-mountain explorations with camping opportunities. The Tagbo Falls and several other smaller falls offer a relaxing moment for rejuvenation and picnics. Liati Wote is most ideal place to immerse yourself into an authentic African culture in diverse ways.
  2. Mission: To offer tourists an authentic African village experience, adventure and hospitality whiles ensuring the welfare of the environment and welfare of the people.
  3. Vision: To be the most sustainable community ecotourism village in Ghana.

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