Community Guesthouse

The community also runs a low cost six-bedroom guesthouse. A small forest has been preserved between the main road and the guesthouse that gives a nice sense of privacy and natural settings. However, the washrooms are detached from the main building.


Tagbo Falls Lodge

A private tour operator, Jolinaiko Eco Tours has also put up the Tagbo Falls Lodge. It has five-bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms plus warm shower. It is a good base to stay for a few nights and undertake different excursions in and outside Liati Wote, such as climb Afadjato or visit the Tagbo Falls.


Price List

Since there are different attractions in Wote, it is natural that tourists may have their own reasons for visiting. The price list shows the fees to only ONE attraction. This means for example a Ghanaian adult who wants to conquer Afadjato and relax at the Tagbo Falls pays GHC20.00.



Adults 10.00 15.00
Students – Tertiary 8.00
Students – SHS 6.00
Students – JHS/ Primary 4.00
Volunteers 4.00
Organized groups adults (20 and more) 8.00 per head
Organized groups Tertiary (20 & more) 6.00 per head
Organized groups SHS (20 & more) 4.00 per head
Organized groups JHS/Primary (20 & more) 2.00 per head


You are kindly requested, to take your litter back to the village. If you want to help to keep Liati Wote a clean village, please bring a bin liner and collect litter that you find along the path. There is a waste bin next to the Tourist Reception Center. The locals and the tourists will be grateful.

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