The name Afadjato is the corrupted form of “Aʋadzato”, a noun from a whole sentence meaning the mountain which you go to war with the bush to climb. The forest parts of the mountain are covered with a certain plant, called “edza” in Ewe language, which causes severe skin irritations. When our forefathers first settled under the foot of the mountain, there were lots of wild animals that they hunted for game and also to protect themselves. They used to go on hunting expeditions in the forest on the mountain. Unlike today when we have trousers and long sleeves to protect us from the “edza” plants, the hunters’ bodies were much exposed and therefore suffer lots of body itching whenever they go hunting. Hence whenever the hunters or farmers climbed the mountain, it was like being “at war” with the plants and so they named the mountain “Aʋadzato”.  “Aʋa” in this case means war and “to” means mountain.

However, the Ewe language alphabet “ʋ” could not be pronounced by the European writers so the pronounced and wrote the name as they heard it for their own comfort. They replaced the letter “ʋ” with the English letter “f”. Besides, the Ewe alphabets do not have “j”. Thus “Aʋadzato” became Afadjato or Afadzato

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