Cultural tour through the village of Liati Wote - Tour Afadjato Ecotourism Centre
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Cultural tour through the village of Liati Wote

For the urban and city dwellers, getting to know village life in a traditional African village is a life changing experience and Liati Wote is perfect for this.

At the tourist reception offce, you can ask for a guide, who will not only walk you up the main street but take you through the compounds and alleys to see how the people live. See how the women prepare their food e.g. fufu, akple or banku, how the seamstresses and tailors make and repair clothes. How the artisans do their wood carving. How the farmers dry the cacao beans, see how the women wash clothes in the river, learn about traditional medicine, have a look at the school and check out the health clinic.

You can have a refreshing drink in one of the bars.