Length:   an hour and 30 minutes walking (one way to the twin peaks)

Time of day: As stated earlier the best time is early in the morning to hike. As it will be dark at 18:00GMT.

Difficulty: The climb to the second peak is for the fit and real adventurers as there is no clear path but only a hunter’s trail. This is intentional and meant for adventure.

View from the Twin Mountains with Afadjato (left) and Aduadu (right) in the background


South to Afadjato, within 45 minutes’ walk through the cool forest, cocoa and coffee farms is the beautiful and perennial Tagbo Fall set in a lush forested amphitheatre. The waterfall has its own climate as it is set in a semi-circular rock formation with two small caves at its base. As it cascades down the mountains the whirling breeze gives a good and refreshing splash of the cool waters as if to say welcome. Truly, a good welcome awaits you at the refreshing hidden paradise of the Tagbo Falls.

The perennial Tagbo Falls

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