Music and dancing is an important aspect of life in traditional African villages. There is a variety to choose from such as choral music, intricate fast-paced traditional Gbolo dance or the ever popular Borborbor dance performed widely by the people of the Volta region.

Have a musical evening in the village square or at the place you stay for the night. Normal hours for a Borborbor night are 20.00GMT till 23.00GMT but you can ask for another time of the day.

You can ask for a musical/dance performance at the tourist reception office and the local musicians are more than willing to mesmerize you with their music on their traditional instruments.


Churches:  Why not visit one of the several churches in Liati Wote on a Sunday morning? If you are a fun of choral music, then make time to visit any of these two orthodox churches.

1)  Liati Wote has a Catholic church located not far from the community guesthouse, on the right-hand side, when you walk towards the village. On Sunday morning there is mass (which starts around 9.00am but starting time is flexible) where you can experience the drumming and singing, in between prayers. You can just walk in, even when mass has started, and you can walk out if you have seen and heard enough but choose carefully the right moment to leave.

2). Just behind the tourist reception office, in the direction of the mountains and waterfall, you can find the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. Mass on Sunday starts at 9.00GMT but 9.30GMT is a perfect time to enter.

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