Afadjato at Liati Wote

In Liati Wote:
(These highlights could be hidden and pop up with the curser hovering over tourist attractions. Detailed information provided after an introduction)

– Hiking tour to Mount Afadjato (highest mountain of Ghana)

– Hiking tour to the Twin Mountains

– Hiking tour to the Tagbo Falls

– Cultural Tour in the village

– Palm Wine tapping and local gin distilling

– Farming Day

– Music and dancing


 Near Liati Wote:
To get the best out of your visit, why not make Liati Wote your base? Like this, you can tour other interesting sites around:

– Hiking tour to the Wli waterfalls

– Hiking tour to the Aflabo Falls

– Visit Monkey Sanctuary in Tafi Atome

– Visit the kente-weaving village Tafi Abuife

– Visit to Amedzofe, the highest village in Ghana, and Mount Gemi.


The main nature attractions, Mt. Afadjato (885 meters) and the Tagbo Falls are covered with luxuriant tropical forests and a bit of savanna vegetation around the mountain tops. Unknown to many, Wote offers much more than these two attractions to keep the adventurous tourist busy for days. Behind Afadjato is the Aduadu mountain which is easily accessible. As if these were not enough, the Afadjato-Tagbo-Twin Mountains enclave contains three other smaller waterfalls, the Vunate, Torglo and Gobali Falls. With over 300 species of butterflies, Liati Wote’s forest is home to one of the largest butterflies count in Ghana. Researchers have recorded about 33 species of mammals and a wide variety of birds in the catchment area.

Beginning of the adventure

Hikes to tourist sites start from the tourist reception office in Liati Wote. First of all, you have to register at the Tourist Reception Office where you will be assigned a mandatory guide. Please check the price list to pay the correct entrance fee. This does not include the mandatory guide tip you give to your tour guide at the end of the tour depending on the quality of his services.



– comfortable shoes  ( no flip flops or sandals)

– bottle of water ( not sachet water to avoid littering around)

– walking stick  ( optional)

Conquer Afadjato

On a clear day, Afadjato offers a scenic view of the Akwapim-Togo ranges, the surrounding towns, the Tagbo Falls and parts of the Volta lake. Make yourself proud by coming to conquer the highest mountain in Ghana at Liati Wote.

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